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Project management
In each phase of the project our project team with many years experience in plant construction stands by your side. Documentation and continuous progress reports with target / performance comparisons is an integrated component for our project handling during the whole project duration.

Planning and Project Development
  • Project preview with financial, personnel and material resource management

Plant Preparation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Route preparation, route planning
  • Row (right of way) engineering
  • Approval planning and administration
  • Preparation of documents for the submission at authorities.

Construction Phase
  • Reporting system of the construction progress
  • Permanent control of viability, budget-/actual cost reporting
  • Inspections, acceptance in the plant and at site
  • Change Management

  • Adequate processing and optional archiving of the project documentation as well as all accompanying documentation fully supported during the construction phase to regular operation.
  • Maintenance and spare parts management to ensure operation the plant.